Hi Pals! Thanks for checking out my work.

I’m a Tibetan-American adventure cyclist and budding travel writer. I was born in India and immigrated to the US at age 10. Formerly a student climate change activist fighting extractive industries like coal and natural gas, I’ve now pivoted by activism toward the bicycle industry. I ride my bicycle full time and advocate for more gender and racial diversity within the outdoors industries.

I am a co-founder of WTF Bikexplorers, a nationwide group that brings together women, transgender, femme, and non-binary cyclists for a 3-day summit and organizes long distance bike-backing tours throughout the country. I started my cyclo-touring journey, Bike for Tibet, in 2016 giving presentations on climate change on the Tibetan plateau in various US cities. SO far, I’ve biked in many US States, Mexico, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Greece.

I like herbalism, magick, and the realm of the imagination, narratives of the oppressed, my friends, and currently studying Buddhism as liberation praxis.

2018 has been a great year for me!

I got to hang out with the We Got to Hang Out Podcast

I got interiewed by Russ for Path Less Pedaled 

I also wrote all these: